Enterprise Mobility

Untie Your Field Workers from Their Office Work Stations

The proliferation of mobile computing, high-speed wireless network technologies, and handheld mass storage devices allow today’s workers to be untied from their office workstation.

CMA defines mobility for the business enterprise to be “securely accessing and recording information at the precise location of the business activity”.

Recording information is done without having to write down and later enter it into a system resulting in significant time savings and error reduction. Our mobility options are driven by business need, and enabled by technology. CMA builds both handheld and wireless business solutions that connect mobile workers to the critical information they need to be more productive and competitive.

Mobile Solutions

Our approach to enabling field workers with information technology is driven by the business functions required while working in the field.

After the mobile business need is clearly understood, a comprehensive mobile solution is developed incorporating the appropriate mobile architectures and devices. We offer both development and operations.

CMA works with a full spectrum of devices, from laptop computers, pen computers, and PDA’s to leading-edge research with content delivery to smartphones. Connectivity to information systems is accomplished through a variety of technology depending on the needs of the mobile application and the timeliness of the information.

CMA has developed interfaces to direct LAN docking, remote access services (RAS), wireless messaging/web technology, and most recently through wireless WAN networks. At the enterprise LAN/WAN level, mobile data has been replicated to enterprise information systems such as Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL, and mainframe systems.

CMA has developed a mobile delivery solution incorporating document management technology for a wide range of content formats including email, fax, office documents, custom forms and digital images.

CMA has developed and delivered applications to:

  • Case management
  • Facility management and inspection
  • Fleet vehicle collision inspection
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance inspection
  • Fleet vehicle delivery acceptance inspection
  • Real property inspection
  • Daily work logs/reports
  • Work assignment scheduling

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